Sugar Nutrition Facts

by Dr. Sumaiya Khan

Contrary to popular belief, there are many health benefits of sugar. Given below is an article that details the various sugar nutrition facts and discards the myth that sugar is always bad for you...

One of the most commonly used, yet misunderstood, ingredient in our daily diet is sugar. Many people feel that sugar is synonymous with unhealthy weight gain. They claim that all kinds of sugar are bad for health. However, it is not so. Given below are so many sugar nutrition facts, that they will definitely make you realize that sugar is not always bad for your health.

As seen in the table above, sugar nutritional value is high, even if only in the form of calories. The sugar that we get nowadays is refined, hence, lacking in any other kind of nutrients, like vitamins and minerals. However, one can still not undermine all the sugar nutrition facts given below.

Sugar Health Benefits

  • Sugar in its purest form is the fastest source of energy. The energy instantly reaches the brain through the blood. This is the reason that sugar is given to athletes or to people who faint due to a hypoglycemic attack.
  • The sugar nutrition facts aren't just limited to benefits that are obtained when sugar is ingested. Sugar can be used for making sugar scrubs, which effectively cleanse the face.
  • Sugar is also used to make sugar hair removal recipes, which help to remove hair without using hair removal products that may contain harmful ingredients.
  • One can even exfoliate lips with sugar. The sugar granules help to leave the skin pf the lips feeling soft and supple.
  • Fructose is a very good sugar that can even be consumed by diabetics. Fructose, on being consumed, is directly sent to the liver as it does not stay in the blood for long. Thus, it does not lead to any spurt or sudden changes in the levels of insulin in the blood.

Is Sugar Harmful for Me?

Many people are under the impression that consuming sugar leads to weight gain. However, it is not always so. The key here is moderation. Of all the different types of sugar, it is said that the best form of sugar is fructose, that is, the sugar found in fruits. In fact, fructose is directly sent to the liver, thus, it has minimal impact on the insulin levels in the body. However, even in this case, consuming excess of fructose can also lead to weight gain. Furthermore, a diet that is high in sugar but low in fiber will definitely lead to weight gain. Thus, sugar needs to be consumed in moderation. In fact, one condition does exist which is known as sugar addiction. In this condition, the person tends to include a lot of sugar laden foods in his or her diet. This is a very harmful condition which could eventually lead to not just weight gain but a lot of systemic diseases as well. Thus, one needs to strike a fine balance between eating sugar and fiber.

However, a lot of people claim that rather than having sugar, you should consume artificial sweeteners. However, there are many side effects of such artificial sweeteners. Most additives nowadays still have possible questionable carcinogenic effects. Read more on aspartame side effects.

Sugar nutrition facts, as seen above, are plenty. However, as with most other food items, the key to a good and healthy diet is moderation!

*Disclaimer: Sources of the photos and recipes can be seen in this link.